Happy to introduce Indie Islands and their talented clients on Calaméo!

This month, let us introduce you to Indie Islands, an incredible company that uses our platform to promote the work of talented artists from around the globe.

David Erik, Indie Islands Creative Director, explains why Calaméo has drastically changed the way they publish their online music magazines

“Indie Islands is a group of songwriters and music industry journalists – Wendy, Beth, David, and Jeanne. We first began as a free, online Country Music eMagazine in 2005… Since then, we’ve evolved to provide creative services to labels, music websites, and indie artists. We offer what call eBIOS, ePress Releases, ePKs (Press Kits) and more for musicians, bands, artists, and those indies within the movie, TV and film industry. We do both digital design and creative writing for these professionals.

Recently Calameo has been an enormous and vital tool for what we do. We actually found them after getting frustrated with a similar service, and its lack of both features and forward-looking development.

We began using Calaméo instead in the summer of 2011 to provide our clients with custom designed publications, press kits, biographies, and more! Our new website (Jan 2012) will integrate Calameo even more…

Another thing that has driven our use of Calameo is the fact that we no longer have to produce our eMagazines, ePKs and eBIOs via Flash and Actionscript. This saves a lot of time, and allows us to concentrate on what our clients really want – aesthetics, and interactive options. Calameo has a high score on user intuitiveness, and GUI on the design end.

While there are not as many options as we have in custom Flash, there are still plenty via the API and other options to meet client needs.

Our favorite functionality is the ability to add live links, this is truly a “show stopper” – adding video/mp3s and more – this is the wave of the future – more and more clients are demanding more and more functionalities such as this as publications evolve to being strictly digital! We hope Calameo continues to push these creative add-ons – this is the single best function, along with iPad support!

Calameo also helps by giving our clients social media and sharing options for our creations – vital in this digital age! We feel we were one of the first groups to see the future of where traditional magazines and publications were heading. Now the future is here!

Calameo “gets” the future of publishing! (especially via mobile tablets, etc!…) Perhaps the biggest advantage is the ability to release our works for our clients to iPad/Android.

Now, Calameo is THE tool … we’ve tried other similar services, and have not found anything with the dynamic and versatility of Calameo.”

If you want to see the result of what they’ve achieved with our tool, check out their online library… It’s also a great way to discover awesome musicians!

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