New and improved: The Calaméo Editor!

Attention publishers: our newly redesigned Calaméo Editor is now up and running! 😮

What does the Calaméo Editor enable you to do?

This is our online tool for adding interactive elements to your publications. The Calaméo Editor allows you to maximize the digital publishing experience for your readers by enhancing your pages with rich media and immersive features.


Insert links, videos, music, images or flash, and focus zoom zones directly into your publications.

What’s new?

More ergonomic: We’ve added a navigation panel with thumbnails of your publication’s pages so you can easily access the pages in which you wish to insert interactive elements.

Better display options: You will also find more options on how to display your publication when you are working on it in the Editor, to access it as a single or double page spread, with zoom level options.

More intuitive: We’ve introduced keyboard shortcuts for an improved user experience when adding interactive elements to your pages. You can now copy and paste elements, reposition them with the arrows, undo an action and navigate between pages, amongst other actions, with keyboard shortcuts.
You will find full information on all the keyboard shortcuts you can use in the Editor here.

Video thumbnails: You can now choose how to display your video in your publications before it plays. The thumbnail option allows you to display a preview of the video, or you can deselect this option to just display the play icon

For all the information you need about using the Calaméo Editor, please see the dedicated section of our Help Center.

Don’t hesitate to drop us a line at for any questions or feedback!