Get to know your Online Audience!

Calling all digital publishers! Ever wanted to tap into a global digital audience for your online publications? Are you desperate for insights that reveal your readers interests and background?

If so, this simple yet informative infographic on Calaméo’s digital readership is perfect for you.

As a leading online digital publishing platform, with an average of 500 million page views per month worldwide across over 10 million publications, Calaméo is the no. 1 solution for access to a diverse audience on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Knowing exactly who your audience is, the type of people who read your publications, is the secret to achieving digital publishing success. With Calaméo you can understand how to:

➊ Define your target audience to create a clear picture on who you are publishing for

➋ Use your improved knowledge of your audience to create content that connects with their interests

➌ Boost audience engagement, with the help of steps 1 and 2!

Looking for tailored stats on your audience? With a Platinum plan you can connect your account to Google Analytics to help you to adapt your content to changes in your readers habits and interests and to monetize your publications in innovative ways.


Source: All data in the infographic is based on a monthly average for 2016 obtained from Calaméo internal logs.