Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the official Calaméo blog and thank you!

Thank you for the trust all of you have granted us since we started Calaméo one year ago!

We want to use this blog to give you some more insights into what Calaméo is all about and how you can best use Calaméo to publish great, rich and beautiful documents. Also, we will talk about how Mathieu Quisefit, our brilliant CTO of Calaméo, and I see the world of publishing develop over the next ten years or so. A world without waste of paper. A world that can brings you interesting content to your computer screen in the best possible format with rich & multimedia content. A world in which you can be your own publisher!


We also know that you have many great ideas and suggestions about our products. So please don’t hesitate to drop us a line about what you like, what you would want us to improve, what you are dreaming of (and that we are maybe actually programming!) and how you use Calaméo, at

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Jean-Olivier de Bérard
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