Get Cooking on Calaméo!

The holidays are here and it’s time to start thinking about gathering with friends and family around a festive table. In honor of Thanksgiving in the United States, today we’ve decided to highlight a few of our favorite digital cookbooks and food-focused magazines published on Calaméo.

We hope that these beautiful photos and recipes inspire you this holiday season!

Click for Bérénice Leconte’s Lemon Cake on Calaméo!


Greater Visibility

The ease and convenience of digital publishing on Calaméo make it simple to create an excerpt of your cookbook or cooking magazine. Readers who sample this selection can go on to purchase the entire publication, either as a Subscriber to the digital edition or through your own site.

Fine Cooking 

Once your publication is online, it’s ready to be shared. With Calaméo you can embed your publication in your website, promote it on social media with just a few clicks and add it to a Calaméo Library widget in your Facebook page so even more cooks and bakers discover your recipes.


Better Accessibility

Your digital publications on Calaméo always display perfectly on any size screen. Our responsive design is essential for letting users bring your recipes into the kitchen on their smartphone and tablet devices to follow along seamlessly.

In addition to online accessibility, you can enable offline access to your digital content with Calaméo. Our download and printing feature exclusive to Premium and Platinum accounts means that not having wi-fi won’t stop your readers from enjoying their favorite cooking ideas from your publications.

Baking Business 

More Affordable

Compared to printing traditional cookbooks, the cost of digitizing your food-focused publications is next to nothing thanks to Calaméo’s affordable platform.

Healthy Little Vittles 

With our Premium plan you can spend as little as €11 a month to convert an unlimited number of publications into interactive digital documents, while our Platinum plan designed with professional needs in mind is as little as €44 a month. Our pricing makes Calaméo a great option for both those interested in self-publishing their cookbook and professional publishers!


Whether you have cooked up some recipes of your own to publish or are on the lookout for fresh inspiration in the kitchen this holiday season, Calaméo has something for you.

Click for Hetty McKinnon’s Beet Salad with Walnuts, Dill and Crème Fraîche on Calaméo!

Have you discovered a great cooking-related publication on Calaméo? We’d love to hear from you! Tag us with your favorites using the hashtag #CalameoCooking on Instagram and Twitter. To check out more titles we love, head over to our homepage.