How the Cloud Streamlines Digital Publishing

Today on the blog we’re working on a riddle for the digital age: What is invisible, found in your pocket and worth $99 billion?

If you answered “the cloud,” you’re right—cloud computing is big business and increasingly woven into how we use the Internet. In this article, we’ll discuss four ways that the cloud makes digital publishing simpler for your business.

Although “the cloud” can seem complex, at its heart there is a straightforward idea. Cloud computing allows elements that used to be stored locally to be stored remotely instead and accessed on-demand. For example, businesses no longer have to maintain their own expensive on-site servers because data services can be purchased from an off-site provider.

The same is true of digital publishing services like Calaméo, which is accessible from any browser and transforms your documents into beautiful online publications. Here are just some of the advantages of the cloud:

You don’t have to worry about storage. No need to stress over your available disk space. Calaméo offers 15 GB of storage to Basic users. Need more storage? Upgrade today for up to 100 GB of space.


You don’t have to worry about creating an immersive reader experience. Once your publications are uploaded to Calaméo, you can add interactive features with our Editor. Don’t forget to customize our viewer, too, for even more impact!


You don’t have to worry about coding. When your documents are published with Calaméo, it’s easy to embed them in your own website and share them. Our solution means your publications display perfectly, anywhere, without extra development on your part.


You don’t have to worry about slow load times. With Calaméo, your documents load in less than a second—even on mobile 4G networks!


Of course, sometimes local storage is important. Whether it’s for private internal publications, subscriber publications or all readers, you can enable downloading for your documents on Calaméo. Our Premium plan includes limited downloads, while our Platinum plan offers direct download.

Thanks to the cloud, digital publishing is easier than ever. Calaméo’s safe and reliable solution can help your business simplify and optimize your online documents—worry-free!


Have any questions? You can drop us a line any time at contact@calameo.com, or take a look at our Help Center.