Interview with Antoinette Rouverand, Head of Marketing at Hachette Jeunesse

When Calaméo was created three years ago, Hachette Jeunesse was one of the first publishing houses to fully understand what we had to offer.

Antoinette Rouverand, Head of the Marketing Department, was by then already looking for a way to present extracts from books yet to be published. The idea was to give access to a couple of chapters through their Lecture-Academy website: “Unfortunately at that time, all we found were expensive players (around €10,000) that were way out of our budget… So when we finally heard about Calaméo, we created an account right away.” From then on, her marketing team has been using it frequently: “It is a very ergonomic tool and it’s free!”

For Antoinette Rouverand, there is an obvious benefit in allowing customers to have a look at what they’re about to purchase. “There was a real demand from our readers, especially from fans of our Black Moon collection. These books always end up with a cliff hanger, and you just can’t wait for the sequel. So we always score very high with these… For instance, when we put the first ‘Breaking Dawn chapter online, it was read more than 150,000 times! It’s a great teasing.”

This partnership with Calaméo is also a unique opportunity to promote unknown series. When Black Moon had to advertise ‘Beautiful Creatures‘ last year, Antoinette Rouverand focused on their Lecture-Academy website. “We worked hard on designing a great cover and directed most of our communication towards our existing fan base. It was much cheaper than usual advertising and much more efficient. We had such a vivid feedback from our readers that we decided to reprint the book before it was even released! We don’t do that often but we guessed from the number of viewings that it would be a phenomenon – and it was. We couldn’t have achieved more through classic media.” Hachette sold more than 40,000 ‘Beautiful Creatures’ books the month it was released – and the number quickly grew up to 100,000. Of course, once the series was known among teenage readers, it was really easy to promote the sequel and generate new sales.


Joining Calaméo is definitely something Antoinette Rouverand recommends to other publishing houses – and even sometimes to competitors! “Actually, I don’t understand why they’re still waiting to use it!”