Dominic Turnbull Tells Us How He Uses Calaméo To Create Unique Publications

Today, we’ve decided to introduce you to Dominic Turnbull. He’s been using our tool for over a year now and has created very interesting publications destined to his professional contacts.

Dominic smartly uses our platform to promote and share the activities of the index provider EPRA. But let him present his view of Calaméo with his own words:

“Having tried various viewer tools and found that either their support team was unresponsive, or their claims about there being no branding untrue, Calaméo has met our needs very well. One year in, and we’ve not yet explored all the possibilities. Ironically, I came across the tool on a competitor’s forum as everyone generally grumbled and suggested alternative effective viewing options out there.

“We need to add rich content to our magazine/publications… but also it’s useful to have an alternative method of downloading PDF files if for any reason our server/network crashes. Of course this means some duplication in that you need to upload the file twice – but anyway we tend to generate a viewer version and a print/PDF version. The flash is especially good (small flash files only of course) as they need far less buffering and don’t come parceled up with video browser branding. This is early days, and there are various function which would be extremely useful for an index provider such as EPRA.”

When we asked him what his favorite feature is, Dominic answers that “having the ability to add ‘rich’ content to a fixed .pdf is great – of course it needs to be done tactfully rather than just dumping in clips, etc. They can be distracting for the reader and sound isn’t always appreciated. But generally, my view is that a small flash can bring a page to life and hugely adds to the experience. Most people may prefer paper print, but this is a great way of adding value to the online versions. In the end it all comes down to content for us.”

His Flash animations are a great addition to their publications, as they represent a very creative way to illustrate articles. Check out his EPRA issues to get a better view on this unique feature.