Time to be creative: Viewer Skins

It’s time for some inspiration. With our powerful interactive viewer, you can give your publications the edge.

Having a personalised Skin allows you to add another element to your publications – whether to highlight the theme, create a context or setting, to incorporate your company image and branding, or to just simply show off your creative skills!

Here are a few different examples of how you can customise our viewer to enhance your publications…

1. Create a Skin that compliments your publications.
2. Add your company logo, and link it to your website.
3. Browse through publications with the page line.

Voyages FAYARD - Brochure Printemps / Été 2015

4. Give your publication Skin your brand image.


5. Design your own personalised icons, and remove any you don’t want.

Media Kit 2013

How will you personalise your viewer? It’s your turn to show us what you can do to personalise your publications!

To learn how to create and personalise your own viewer Skin, we have set out all the information you need here.


(… And maybe next time we’ll be featuring your publications in our blog, on our website or on our social networks!)