Combining digital and print – we talk to Just About Dorset magazine

We spoke to Stuart Cooper, Creative Director, about the importance of combining digital and print to reach readers and advertisers alike to successfully run a free magazine.

In this day and age digital is an essential component of any new publication. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to launch new print titles, and without the digital tools to help spread the word and gain momentum it becomes even harder. The Calaméo editions of Just About Dorset provide a great way to reach both readers and advertisers who might otherwise miss out on the printed version.”

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STATS – more, more, more!

We’ve opened up a whole new world of statistics for all of our users.
More data, more analysis, more success! 👍

Your Calaméo account gives you the tools you need to publish successfully. You can now keep track of your readers’ behaviour and see how they interact with precise elements within your publications to find out what content interests them the most. Understand your audience, and adapt your content accordingly to keep them coming back for more.

Stats by page

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New and improved: The Calaméo Editor!

Attention publishers: our newly redesigned Calaméo Editor is now up and running! 😮

This is our online tool for adding interactive elements to your publications. The Calaméo Editor allows you to maximise the digital publishing experience for your readers by enhancing your pages with rich media and immersive features.

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Ch-ch-changes! Playing videos in your publications

A more interactive viewing experience for your audience! Your videos and SoundCloud tracks will now function differently in your publications.

Instead of playing within the publication’s page, your videos will now open and play over the top of your publication in a more visible format, for a more immersive viewing. This means that videos are still viewed in the same tab or window as your publication, just that the video will open above it, in a larger, more engaging format.


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