Top 10 Reasons Digital Publishing on Calaméo is Best in Class

When it comes to sharing documents online, there are plenty of tools to choose from: file sharing services, digital publishing and even good old-fashioned email attachments. Digital publishing offers lots of advantages and here at Calaméo we work hard to make our platform the best choice for everyone. That’s why all of our users can enjoy great features like in-text search, private publications and more absolutely free.

In this article we will highlight ten ways that publishing on Calaméo is a great experience for all publishers.

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All About Logos

From city skylines to our own mobile phone screens, logos are a major presence in modern life and a key part of any business’s brand. But did you know just how old logos are? Their history goes back to the Middle Ages, when British pubs were required by law to identify themselves with an illustrated sign.

Although many classic logos like the vintage Coca-Cola script are still used today, digital technology allows logos to do more than ever. In this article, we’ll reveal three easy ways to put your business’s logo to work on your digital publications.

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The Complete Guide to Embeds: Part Three

For many businesses, showcasing digital publications on their own website is a great business solution.

To help you take advantage of this powerful tool, we’ve created a complete guide to embedding your publications!

In part three of this series, we will explain how to track the statistics of your embedded publications and tips for mobile responsiveness.

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Publishing Strategies: Four Benefits of Exclusive Content

One of the most important features of digital publishing is the ability to offer your audience exclusive content. While private publications can help you keep internal documents confidential, they can also help you create a stronger relationship with your readers, clients and future customers.

In this article we will reveal the benefits of exclusive content and tips for your publishing strategy on Calaméo.

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