4 reasons to read on Calaméo


On the blog, we often write from the content creator’s point of view. However, we are just as interested in the reader’s perspective because we are avid readers on the Calaméo team and we regularly read content submitted by our users. The reading experience that we offer on our platform is unique: it’s neither a PDF nor an ebook. Here are 4 great reasons, among many others, to read on Calaméo:

1. Read where you want, when you want

A huge advantage of digital publishing is that you can find all the content published on public mode by our community directly online on our platform. Publications are available from anywhere, at any time. No need to bring stacks of magazines, brochures, and books with you to read on the train!

2. Discover content from every genre

From fashion magazines to poetry collections, you can discover content from every genre on Calaméo. In addition, content creators who publish on our platform come from all over the world: enjoy the latest excerpt of a novel from a Brazilian publishing house, for example.

🔎 READ: What content can you publish with Calaméo? To give you an idea of all the types of content that are published on the platform.

3. Find the latest releases

Speaking of publishing houses: a large number of them have an account on our platform and regularly update their pages with excerpts of their new releases. So it’s really easy to find the latest releases from your favorite publishers and read excerpts before potentially buying the book.

4. Plus, it’s free!

Yes, reading on Calaméo is free, and so is our Basic account! In addition, a Basic account not only enables you to read, but it also allows you to publish your own content on the platform and to download content (if the content creator allowed it). So don’t wait any longer, join the Calaméo community today!

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