[Tutorial] The Guide to Social Strategy for content creators


Social media provides content creators with a powerful tool for sharing their content with thousands of people simultaneously by simply clicking the “Post” button. However, to get the most out of these channels, you’ll need to have a solid strategy. And since every social media platform is different, each requires a different approach for promoting your publications.

To help you navigate the fast-changing world of social media, we’ve created a special tutorial for digital content creators: our Guide to Social Strategy. Inside, you’ll find the numbers, insights and tips that matter. Take a look!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn all the essentials about five key social media platforms and answer valuable questions, including:

  • Should I still promote content with Facebook?
  • What kind of publications should I share on LinkedIn?
  • Why should I consider a video strategy on YouTube?
  • Who can I reach by posting content to Pinterest?
  • How should Twitter fit into my social strategy?

Explore the strengths and weaknesses that each of these platforms offers for promoting your digital publications with our full Guide to Social Strategy. Plus, we’ve picked out the most useful statistics to review engagement rates, audience details and more at a glance.

We also invite you to consult our series of “Social media for content creators” articles: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Want more guidance from Calaméo to achieve your goals? Consult our tutorials to learn how to embed your publications and create a personalized Theme. Or visit our Help Center for support in English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

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