Digital publishing for your book club


If book clubs were previously considered old-fashioned, they have recently experienced a resurgence, as you can see in our infographic. So what is the difference between classic and online book clubs, and why should you use Calaméo and digital publishing to enhance your members’ experience? We’ll explain it all!

Classic vs. online book clubs

What is a book club?

Simply put, it’s the gathering of people who love to read and discuss books. Generally, the club reads the same book at the same time and meets monthly to discuss their reading. They meet at one of the members’ homes or in public places like a café or library.

Online book clubs: on the rise

With the successive lockdowns due to Covid, there was a big jump in online book clubs these past couple of years. In fact, because of more time at home, there was a convergence of phenomena: classic book clubs that already existed turned to the web to be able to continue to gather, and many people found a new passion for reading while at home. The Internet has therefore enabled many reading groups to form and meet, especially on social networks and on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom.

Different ways to host

The classic book club is somewhat limited, with membership generally capped at about ten members because they meet in person. The online club, however, allows for a much larger number of members. For example, Belletrist, actress Emma Roberts’ online book club, has over 268,000 subscribers on Instagram.

The same great benefits

Whether book clubs are online or in person, they share the same benefits. It’s a good way to discover new authors, read books that you haven’t heard of, and discuss with other book lovers. It’s also a good way to maintain social ties and avoid isolation. Book clubs are therefore very beneficial for their members.

Digital publishing for your book club

Whether your club has existed for 10 years or hasn’t even started yet, digital publishing can be a great way to facilitate interaction and enhance your members’ experience.

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You will be able to use Calaméo two different ways: as a reader and as a content creator.

As a reader on the platform

As a reader on the Calaméo platform, you have many possibilities. Here are a few that your club members might find useful:

💡 TIP: Even though you don’t need a Calaméo account to read on the platform, we suggest that you create a free BASIC account for each member so they can add publications to their Favorites list, plus much more!

As a content creator on the platform

If you would like to use our digital publishing platform to store and share your content with your book club, here are some ideas of what you can put online with Calaméo:

  • book excerpts
  • meeting minutes
  • reading guides
  • interviews with authors
  • and much more!

💡 TIP: Choose the PREMIUM plan to unlock the “Subscribers” feature, which can be useful for restricting access to documents that are for your book club members only. Or choose the PLATINUM plan if you want to have access to all of our features.

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