Is digital publishing right for you?


There are almost limitless possibilities in the realm of digital publishing. Whether you are using it for professional or personal purposes, there is something for everyone. But how can you know for sure if digital publishing is right for you and your goals? Let us help you with our questionnaire and solutions below!

Access anywhere

One of the major features of digital publishing is that you can access your publications from anywhere. If you are a frequent traveler, for example, or you have professional meetings outside of the office and need to access a presentation, digital publishing is a great solution for you. 

Everything in one place

Having all your documents in one place is a huge asset. You can easily access your materials without having to collect them from several different sites and services. Maybe you want potential clients to be able to view your entire portfolio at once. Or perhaps you’re a teacher and you’d like to post readings and assignments for your students all in one spot. You can even make a virtual library! If this sounds like something you need, then the verdict is in: digital publishing is right for you!

Interactive content

Digital publications don’t have to be boring and static. In fact, they shouldn’t be! You can make yours interactive and unique with music, sound effects, videos, GIFs, links, images, and more. Printed materials simply don’t provide the interactivity that digital publications do. If this appeals to you, then you should make the switch to digital publishing.

Marketing/sales strategies

Do you have something to promote or sell? While traditional marketing materials can be effective, digital marketing can reach a wider audience more quickly. Adding shopping links, strong clickable CTAs, and sharing your publication (more on that below), will enhance your sales and/or marketing strategies.

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Want to spread your digital publication far and wide? You can share it in just a few clicks! Embedding your publication on a website or sharing via social media is incredibly easy. If you want to ensure that your content reaches a wide audience, it’s time to embrace digital publishing.


Don’t want everyone to be able to see your publications? No problem! You can choose who has access to your publications by making them private. Digital publishing is an excellent solution for those who want to limit or control how many people can view their publication.


Oftentimes it’s hard to know whether your marketing campaign has been successful, or how many people have read your magazine article. Digital publishing offers several solutions for tracking your metrics. Calaméo has a built-in statistics feature, and PLATINUM members can link their Google Analytics account with Calaméo. So you will never be in the dark about metrics and data with digital publishing.

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Personal projects

Publish your novel, share your newsletter, upload your thesis, start your own magazine. These (and more!) are all possible with digital publishing. The world is your oyster when it comes to using digital publishing for personal projects, especially with Calaméo.

Your turn!

As you can see, there are infinite reasons to use digital publishing for your sales and marketing strategies, your personal projects, and more. Plus, it’s remarkably easy! So no matter the project, digital publishing can be a solution for everyone! 

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