Beyond the PDF: Why Enriched Documents are Good for Your Business

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format used to present documents in a manner independent of application software and operating systems. The document was established in the early 90’s and has since been widely used around the world.

The creators of PDFs originally designed the format for printing but have since added features, many of which do not hold up to the high standards of enriched multimedia document technology that we have today.

In this blog, we will explain some of the disadvantages of relying solely on PDFs and how Calaméo can help transform your PDF documents for your business needs.


PDFs are not screen-friendly and are often ill-formatted on small devices like tablets and mobile phones. This can often mean minutes wasted scrolling unnecessarily to find the right page within a document.


PDFs have always been difficult to integrate on webpages. For example, without the necessary plugins, users are often prompted to download and view the file in a separate application.

In addition, PDFs make it almost impossible for you to engage your readers due to the lack of interactive content within the document, such as images and videos. Unless you’ve added dynamic links to the document (which are cumbersome to create), viewers cannot click on the links you’ve provided in the PDF itself, thus greatly hindering the seamless online user experience.


PDFs often lack some of the key search information that the search engine needs to be able to know exactly what the content is about. When your content is hosted on a high PageRank website like Calaméo, search engines index it quicker and make it appear higher in their search results.

Which alternative should I use?

Calaméo is the perfect solution to bring your documents into the digital era. Our HTML5 based publication viewer requires no plugins and adapts perfectly to any screen.

Moreover, with our high-speed document conversion technology, you can transform your documents from dull and lifeless PDFs to enriched interactive documents in a matter of minutes thanks to our user-friendly Editor.

You can also make the most of our Statistics, offering you detailed insights about your readership, which can be vital information to optimize your ad revenue from your publications.


Of course PDFs are still a valuable resource for the sharing and viewing documents. However, we strongly advise using intuitive conversion platforms such as Calaméo to help you to optimize and share your documents in the most professional manner. Our online solution shows off your digital publications in the best possible way, guiding your readers from inspiration to purchase.