Boost your Calaméo publications with exclusive integrations


2023 has been a great year for Calaméo. Not only have we offered you improved account security and the ability to export your statistics in CSV format, thanks to new features introduced this year, but it’s also time to announce the arrival of a major new feature that will change the way you use Calaméo: integrations.

Easy-to-use integrations

Link your favorite applications to your Calaméo account to unlock brand-new features: with integrations, you’ll be able to add many new elements to your Calaméo publications, in the same way you used to add links, to make your content more interactive.

However, the difference with our EDITOR‘s initial options, such as links, is that the integration elements come directly from the applications you’ve linked to your Calaméo account, such as Calendly, Shopify (coming soon) or for example. And all in just a few clicks!

💡 Find our Help Center articles right here.

Integrations: endless new possibilities

The reason we’re so excited to bring you this new feature is that we know it will enable you to use Calaméo in many new ways, and that it will not only enhance your experience, but that of your readers too.

Generate qualified leads with your Calaméo publications

Integrations are a powerful marketing tool that will enable you to achieve your objectives with ease (lead capture in particular).

Thanks to integrations with applications such as Hubspot, Calendly, Mailchimp, Typeform, Jotform, Shopify (coming soon) and Google Forms, you can :

  • capture qualified leads directly from your publication using Mailchimp, Jotform or Google Forms forms
  • use a trigger to display a mandatory Hubspot or Typeform form when your publication is downloaded to collect information from your readers, with the aim of capturing leads,
  • display a Calendly appointment calendar to make it easier to book appointments,
  • integrate products from your Shopify store directly into your publication (coming soon),
  • and much more!

💡 Learn more about each of the integrations right here.

On the other hand, integrations give you the option of using triggers.

Triggers automatically activate a specific action at a chosen moment. They are added, like a layer, above your publication. On Calaméo, you can choose between three key moments to trigger an action:

  • when the publication is opened,
  • downloading,
  • or when the publication is printed.

These moments are crucial for capturing your audience’s attention and maximizing the impact of your content.

What’s more, you can choose how this trigger element is displayed on screen:

  • once only,
  • until the reader completes the action,
  • or always displayed.

Note that in addition to lead capture triggers, you could, for example, embed a YouTube video as a trigger, with the aim of promoting your products or services, educating or engaging your audience.

💡 Read all about triggers right here.

Analyze your audience

Thanks to the new integrations, it will be easier than ever to link your Calaméo and Google Analytics or Matomo accounts, so you can track the performance of your Calaméo publications directly where all your other statistics are already. All the more reason to simplify your reporting!

🔎 Please note: If you have linked your Google Analytics 4 account to your Calaméo account before the integrations, good news, you won’t have to do a thing. Your accounts will be linked automatically via the integration, and there will be no loss of statistics!

Add even more interactive elements

Thanks to the wide range of integrations we offer (and will be offering in the future), you’ll be able to insert a multitude of new rich media into your publications, for an ever more unique and dynamic reading experience.

Add :

  • maps with points of interest with Leaflet,
  • appointment calendars,
  • questionnaires,
  • social network posts,
  • and much more!

💡 Find the list of integrations we offer and their possible uses right here.


Integrations are going to revolutionize the way you use Calaméo. We can’t wait to see what you, our extraordinary users, will create with all these new possibilities open to you!

💡Integrations are a new feature reserved for PLATINUM accounts.

Ask for your free 14-day trial to Calaméo PLATINUM and test all our professional tools!

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