Introducing the #CalameoCoversClub!

Ever since we joined the social media universe back in 2008, we’ve loved seeing all of the publications our users have shared. You’ve tweeted us @calameo, chatted with us on Facebook, showed us your best on Instagram and curated with us on Pinterest.

Today we are announcing a whole new way for our users to share their publications with us—and with the millions of readers who visit our platform.

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The Complete Guide to Embeds: Part Two

For many businesses, showcasing digital publications on their own website is a great business solution. Clients can enjoy the convenient presentation and interactive features of catalogs, magazines and more all while browsing the brand’s site.

To help you take advantage of this powerful tool, we’ve created a complete guide to embedding your publications!

In part two of this series, we will explain how to customize your publication’s appearance in your website.

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Lessons from Digital Real Estate Publications

Like many other industries, the business of buying and selling homes has undergone a digital transformation. To help more people find the right home, real estate listings are available often online. And to help exceptional properties stand out, real estate agents are turning to the luxe look of digital publishing.

Today we’ll highlight a few of our favorite international real estate publications on Calaméo and explain what publishers can learn from online communications about this one-of-a-kind product.


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4 Easy Steps to Boost Your Click-Through Rate!

The ability to include external links is a key feature of digital publishing and for many publishers, increasing the number of readers who click on their links is an important goal. Links clicked in an online catalog, for example, may contribute to higher sales in an online store. Click-through rate (CTR) is a common way to measure how many clicks a link has received and shows which percent of all viewers clicked that link.

In this article, we will reveal four quick steps that you can take to improve CTR for your digital publications.

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