Welcome to our new Google Analytics Tutorial


Great news: our new Google Analytics Tutorial is here!

Google Analytics is a useful tool for tracking how users are engaging with your content or website. And did you know that you can use Google Analytics to get in-depth insight on how your Calaméo publications are performing? PLATINUM users can link their Calaméo account to Google Analytics and benefit from detailed insights on their publications. 

BASIC and PREMIUM members can view statistics within Calaméo; PLATINUM members have the added benefit of using Google Analytics as well. Interested in this feature? Upgrade today!

However, we know that getting started with Google Analytics can be tricky. So we’ve created a step-by-step guide on linking your accounts and finding relevant statistics for your Calaméo publications via Google Analytics.

This tutorial will cover five fundamental elements of integrating your Calaméo and Google Analytics accounts, including:

  • Reasons to link Calaméo and Google Analytics 
  • Getting started
  • Finding Calaméo data
  • Calaméo data insights
  • Using links on Calaméo

Plus, you’ll find helpful visuals and plenty of insider tips to get the most out of Google Analytics! 

The full Google Analytics Tutorial is available for you to browse, print or download. We hope it helps you with measuring engagement and improving your statistics! And stay tuned for more great tutorials coming to Calaméo this year.

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