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Here at Calaméo we often talk about the advantages of digital publishing for professionals, businesses, educators, students, and marketers. But what about private individuals? Let us tell you all about the benefits of digital publishing for individuals and their personal projects.

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Whether you are uploading your resumé, administrative documents, or anything else to Calaméo, you can rest assured that your publication will remain private. How? By using our Private publications feature! All Calaméo users can publish their documents in Private mode, meaning that the information within the document will not be indexed by search engines, nor will it appear on the Calaméo website. If you would like for a select few people to be able to see your document but still want it to remain hidden from the general public, you can share your publication via a private URL.

A creative outlet

If you are a creative person, then digital publishing is a perfect option for you. Amateur authors can self-publish their short stories, poems, or novels on Calaméo. Online magazines look amazing on Calaméo, as do digital portfolios. If you want to keep these publications to yourself, see above. If you want to share them with the world, see below!

Share in a snap

Another great advantage of digital publishing for individuals? You can share your content (or publications from other users) in just a few clicks. Embed your content in your personal blog, share issues of your magazine in a virtual library, or simply send the URL of your publication to your friends and family. However you share your publication, your readers will be able to access your content and enjoy your work!

💡 TIP: Visit our Help Center for guidance on how to share your publications!

Think outside the doc

Calaméo isn’t just for publishing documents– you can also browse our platform for reading material! Read excerpts from books, save your favorite publications, flip through magazines, and more! Clubs and groups can use Calaméo to collect and read content related to their interests all in one spot. Even book clubs can enjoy using Calaméo!

You’re in control

Calaméo has a host of options for how your publication can look. Customize your background or Theme (PREMIUM and PLATINUM accounts), add exciting visuals, publish your work in flipbook, scroll, or slide formats…the list goes on! Using our Editor tool, you can embellish your publications as much (or as little!) as you like.

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Final step

Now the last step: trying Calaméo out for yourself. Sign up for Calaméo and see where digital publishing can take you!

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