How to create a successful digital marketing campaign


Many marketing campaigns today are entirely digital, but not all of them are successful. Companies should put thought and intention into their digital marketing campaigns so that they reflect the brand and reach the right audience. Here we have compiled the top tips for creating a successful digital marketing campaign.

What is digital marketing?

Before we dive into how to create a successful digital marketing campaign, let’s first define digital marketing. More people than ever are using the Internet for almost everything in their lives. So it’s no wonder that companies are doing less traditional marketing (printed media, billboards, television, etc.). They are now embracing digital marketing, which comprises all marketing that uses the Internet or an electronic device. Due to widespread use of the Internet, digital marketing can of course reach a much larger audience via these digital channels than traditional marketing. So how exactly should your brand approach these potential customers?  

Take advantage of key moments

There are several factors to take into consideration for your digital marketing campaign, timing being one of them. You need to know when consumers will be open to your campaign.


According to Google’s ZMOT model, the Zero Moment of Truth is the stage in the purchasing cycle when consumers research a brand or product online before making their purchase. The Zero Moment of Truth arrives between the stimulus (needing a product) and the First Moment of Truth (buying a product). Consumers make their decisions based on Internet research, consulting several sources. Your brand needs to make a good first impression during this preliminary research stage.

Micro-Moment Marketing

The ubiquity of smartphones has changed digital marketing over the past few years. The ZMOT concept has evolved to now encompass micro-moments. Rather than one moment in which consumers sit down to research (ZMOT), their research is broken up into many (micro) moments throughout the day. These are the small increments of time during the day that consumers are on their mobile devices researching or considering a product or brand. Now, digital marketers have opportunities all day long to grab consumers’ attention and the possibility of engaging directly with them. 

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Personalize your content

Consumers encounter a plethora of digital campaigns every day because they are constantly connected. Differentiate your brand by personalizing your content to make it unique. Make sure that your brand is recognizable (and that your content is mobile-friendly).

No matter the medium or the channel you decide to use, any material that you put online should reflect your brand ethos and be well-constructed. Otherwise, consumers won’t get a true sense of your brand and will favor another brand that feels more authentic. Consumers consult several sources before making their final decision. There is a lot of competition to vie for consumers’ attention, so make sure your digital presence is strong.

A successful digital presence can be the key factor in consumers deciding to go with your brand over another. Ensure that your content is engaging and the customer journey or path to purchasing is clear. 

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Make it easy to navigate 

An arduous and time-consuming search or buying process can turn potential customers off. Enrich your content but make sure there is a path for the customer journey. Create an effective and clear Call to Action (CTA) to give consumers some direction. Calaméo users can put links directly in the publication so potential customers can be easily redirected to the website to make a purchase. 

Make it shareable

We all remember digital marketing campaigns that have gone viral. You can instantly recall the brand and exactly what they were promoting. Viral campaigns often include video elements or an eye-catching graphic. Sometimes they are social media campaigns that encourage users to upload their own content, or user-generated content. Not every digital marketing campaign should have the goal of going viral, but it should at least be easy to share! Make sure that your campaign is shareable and optimized for social networks

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Don’t forget about SEO

Remember the ZMOT and Micro-Moment Marketing concepts? Consumers have to start their search somewhere once they realize they need a new item. In fact, 89% of customers begin their research with a search engine. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a valuable tool that will help you nab the right audience at the right time. You do this by using key words and phrases in your campaign that your target audience is searching for. Want to know more about SEO? Read our SEO trends for 2021

Analyze your results

You won’t know if your campaign is successful unless you are analyzing all the associated metrics and data. Are you looking at your leads, sales, page views, clicks, “dark social” shares? All of these (and more!) add up to give you a full picture of your digital marketing campaign’s success. If you are publishing with Calaméo, you can easily track your publication’s statistics. This feature is integrated in Calaméo and intuitive to use. Another option is Google Analytics. It’s a great tool for tracking how consumers are engaging with your content.

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A successful digital marketing campaign depends on several factors. Make sure you are taking advantage of key moments, creating content that reflects your brand, targeting the right audience, and analyzing your results. With these tools in hand, you will be well on your way to creating a successful digital marketing campaign.

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