Top 10 reasons digital publishing on Calaméo is best in class


When it comes to sharing documents online, there are plenty of tools to choose from: file sharing services, digital publishing and even good old-fashioned email attachments. Digital publishing offers lots of advantages and here at Calaméo we work hard to make our platform the best choice for everyone. That’s why all of our users can enjoy great features like in-text search, private publications and more—absolutely free. Here are ten ways that Calaméo provides the best digital publishing platform for your documents.

Publish multiple file types

Your file doesn’t have to be a PDF in order be published on Calaméo. Our advanced conversion technology transforms Word, Powerpoint and Excel files into beautiful online publications, in addition to PDFs.

Multiple file upload

We want using Calaméo to be as easy and as streamlined as possible for our users—every minute of your workflow counts. That’s why you can batch upload up to 10 files at a time on Calaméo. Just drag and drop your documents and start publishing.

Automatic link detection

Another highlight of our conversion technology is its automatic link detection. Save even more time by adding external links to your PDF before upload, publish and share.

The Calaméo Editor

Interactivity sets digital experiences apart and we’re proud to help our users create engaging online publications. Our Editor offers a user-friendly tool for adding links, video, audio, GIFs and more to your documents on Calaméo.

Table of contents

Even long documents are simple to navigate when you include a table of contents in the publication viewer. Define a table of contents using Bookmarks in your original PDF, or add one to your finished publication with our handy widget.

Slide mode

We love the fun effect and visual flair of flipbooks, but we love giving our users options even more. Slide mode provides a sleek reading experience great for presentations. Select it when choosing a Display mode in your publication’s Properties.

Easy RTL reading

Publishing in a language that is read from right to left? On Calaméo, it’s no problem. Set the Reading mode of your publication as “From right to left” in its Properties so that your readers can browse smoothly.

Remove center shadow

The design of your publication is important and there are lots of ways to customize our viewer to show it off perfectly. Users who prefer a more flat design look for their digital documents can easily remove the flipbook’s center shadow: just add the “pagefxopacity=0” parameter to the URL of your publication.

Full-screen display

Remove distractions and help readers stay focused on your publication thanks to full-screen reading. With full-screen supported for desktop, in embedded publications and on Safari for iOS, you’re sure to find the choice that fits your digital publishing needs.

Publication embeds

Speaking of embedding your publications, Calaméo makes it painless. Decide exactly how you want your embedded publications to look in your website and collect the code in one click. Plus, even private publications can be embedded for greater security and control.

These are just ten of our favorite reasons why digital publishing on Calaméo is a best in class experience. We didn’t even have space to mention great features like our generous storage limits, nifty Library Widget or how simple it is to update a document.

We also think that you’ll love the advanced features of our professional plans, from in-depth statistics to Subscriber management.

Ready to see for yourself why Calaméo is the best digital publishing platform for your documents? Register for your free account and start publishing today.


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