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There’s a big change happening on Calaméo in 2021. That’s right—our new and improved “2021” viewer theme has launched. Find out everything you need to know about the “2021” theme!

What is the “2021” theme?

The “2021” theme is a new viewer interface for your publications on Calaméo. It should look familiar: we’ve based “2021” on the classic “Default” option. But the new theme offers you lots of improvements. First and foremost, our tech team has rebuilt the viewer for maximum comfort, usability and efficiency. You’ll notice that browsing is smoother, close reading is easier and—of course—that your publications look great.

What’s new?

Here are just a few of the updates you’ll enjoy in the “2021” theme:

  • More space for your documents in the viewer
  • Publisher’s choice of Book, Slide or Scroll mode
  • Improved navigation tools
  • Helpful Index mode to access thumbnails at a glance
  • Larger, streamlined buttons and icons
  • Intuitive zoom controls
  • New “Made with Calaméo” viewer watermark
  • Cohesive mobile experience

We think you’ll find “2021” simple to use, with the great features you’re used to like in-text search, custom logos and direct downloads. Check out an example below to see the new theme in action!

Can I still use the classic Calaméo themes?

If you are a PREMIUM or PLATINUM user, you can continue to use the classic Calaméo themes with your publications. To select a theme, go to the Design tab of your publication’s properties. Next, choose the theme you wish to use from the drop-down menu. Finally, click the green “PUBLISH” button to save your selection.

BASIC users do not have access to the classic Calaméo themes. However, BASIC users are free to define Book, Slide or Scroll mode for their publications in the “2021” theme. 

What about changing the background?

Changing the viewer background is a feature exclusive to our PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans. As a result, BASIC users may not modify the background color or image in the “2021” theme.

💡 TIP: Learn how to change the viewer background.

Will my customization elements be affected?

PREMIUM and PLATINUM users should see no disruption to their existing publications and customization elements. You can make use of your custom logos, backgrounds and viewer themes as usual! For those planning to choose “2021” for upcoming publications, it’s important to be aware that your logo will be automatically resized in this theme. Therefore, we recommend using a horizontal version of your logo, in .PNG format with a transparent background.

💡 TIP: Learn more about adding your own logo to the viewer.

Please note that BASIC users will no longer be able to display custom backgrounds for their publications.

What else do I need to know?

We’re delighted to be bringing the “2021” theme to all of our users and we hope that you find it modern, practical and fun. While you’re getting to know the new theme, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns! You can write to us at contact@calameo.com or visit our Help Center to submit a request. Plus, stay tuned for details about more changes coming to viewer themes right here on Calaméo.

Happy publishing!

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