How digital portfolios work harder for grads


As the end of the school year approaches, students everywhere are getting ready for graduation. Whether they’re finishing college, high school or just math class, many students are capping off their work with beautiful digital portfolios.

Online publishing offers a smart choice for students and anyone planning to present their work on the web. In this article we will reveal why digital publishing is perfect for portfolios!

Digital portfolio on Calaméo showing flipbooks


For school final projects, like this Guide to Marketing for the Performing Arts, digital publishing takes the worry out of presentations.

Keep your audience focused on your ideas by choosing the streamlined Slide mode. Then when it’s time to present, your portfolio’s shareable link means it’s accessible online from any device. Say goodbye to lost USB keys, forgotten passwords or unreadable files! Plus, your publications load fast on Calaméo. They’re ready to go in under a second, even on mobile 4G networks.


Just because your digital portfolios are online doesn’t mean you have to give up sharp visuals. For example, take a look at this polished interior design and architecture portfolio.

Our innovative conversion technology handles a wide variety of file types with ease. Even files up to 500 MB are transformed into superb digital publications, with high-quality images, crystal-clear text and fun flipbook effect. And did we mention our in-text search feature? It’s built in, so potential employers can use the search bar to find the right information faster.


Speaking of search, there’s a lot to applaud about this design and project management portfolio:

The publisher has included links to her professional profiles so that readers browsing her work can click to learn more. In addition, she’s organized other materials by publishing them on her Calaméo account page, too. That’s a brilliant strategy for helping more people find your work.

Thanks to online publishing, digital portfolios will not only stand out but also do more to increase your visibility on the web. More great features like private publications, easy embeds and advanced statistics make Calaméo the right tool for putting your work out there.

Hats off to all of our creative users publishing digital portfolios this graduation season!

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