Browse our new Complete Guide to Embeds Tutorial!

A great way to show off your digital publications is by making them a part of your website. Whether your online home is a small blog or a sprawling site, it’s easy to include documents published with Calaméo. Thanks to our advanced conversion technology and sophisticated HTML5 viewer, embedding publications can be as simple as hitting copy then paste.

However, you can always go beyond the basics with Calaméo. To help you make the most out of embedding your publications, we’ve collected all of our best tips into one handy Embeds Tutorial!

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How to Start a Magazine: A Practical Guide

Have you ever wanted to start your own magazine? We here at Calaméo did—way back at the beginning of last year, when we had the idea to create our CALAMEO Magazine. Since that first issue was released in February 2019 we’ve learned a lot about how to start a magazine from scratch. For example, what you’ll need to get organized, get creating and get out there.

Keep reading to find our complete guide to start your own magazine, plus three great reasons to opt for digital distribution.

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SEO in 2020: Tips and Trends for your Business

As the amount of content available online continues to grow, the most effective ways to be discovered from a simple search are changing. The basics of SEO in 2020 are still simple. Your content should be fully indexed, easy to link to and from and include relevant keywords in titles, descriptions and even URLs.

If you’re publishing your content digitally on Calaméo, you’re in luck—all of that is a snap to accomplish. So we decided to go a step further and look at some of the biggest new trends in search engine optimization strategy. Keep reading for the five things you need to know about SEO in 2020, as well as our best tips for your business.

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