Content marketing: why you should create evergreen content


In the world of strategic marketing, we use a lot of technical terms, and sometimes it’s hard to get your head around them when you’re just starting out. So what is “evergreen” content? And why is it important to create this type of content as part of your digital strategy

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is a type of content that is not dependent on current events and remains relevant over time: it is timeless. The audience will always be able to find information in it that is interesting, regardless of whether they view it when it comes out, or 5 years later. 

Why should you create evergreen content?

Evergreen content is a real tool for your brand, your marketing strategy and your digital strategy. It brings many benefits, and should be the foundation of your content marketing strategy.

Here are the major benefits of evergreen content in your strategy:

  • Assert your expertise: offering high value-added and timeless content will allow you to have an expert image with your customers and prospects. 
  • Improve your SEO: your cold content is more efficient to improve your SEO, because it will still attract readers, even after months of online publishing, and is generally more qualitative and longer than hot content. 
  • Optimize content creation: on the one hand, you will need less time to make sure your content is updated, and on the other hand it will also allow you to recycle it several times and in various formats.
  • Attract a qualified audience: your cold content will ensure you a qualified audience, because it is typically informative content, with high added value and which gives confidence in your brand.

As you can see, these are very important benefits. You should definitely include evergreen content in your content marketing strategy to optimize it.

Examples of evergreen content for your brand

Since it is now clear that evergreen content is very important for your brand, here are some examples of content to create: 

  • FAQs: answer the questions most frequently asked by your customers and prospects.
  • Tutorials: explain how to use your product.
  • White papers: show your expertise on a specific topic.
  • Case studies: demonstrate the usefulness of your product from your customers’ perspective
  • Infographics: Put useful information in an easily shareable and saveable format. 
  • “How-to” blog posts: Inform your audience about best practices and key topics in your industry.

You can adapt this list as you wish: make tutorials in the form of videos or guides, for example. Offer a live Q&A and repost the replay so it’s always available. And much more! Just make sure your content is useful and will remain timeless by sticking to your brand and its identity as much as possible. 

In conclusion, it’s important for your brand to create evergreen content, whether it’s to fortify your brand image, establish your expertise or improve your SEO.

However, content discussing hot topics should not be totally eliminated from your content marketing strategy. Company news, such as the arrival of a new product on the market, or the organization of an event, is an opportunity to create content that helps connect your audience to your brand.

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