We’re Bringing our Video Content to the World!

Breaking news, Calaméo is taking its online video content global!

We are very excited to announce that all of our video content is now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Russian.

Quelle suprise! Está bien, удивительно. 😀

Making Calaméo accessible for all

With these new updates, you can now learn about Calaméo and its must-have online features without having to worry about language and audio restrictions, as each video now comes with carefully translated subtitles to further add to their ease of use.

As a truly international platform catering for the digital publishing needs of professionals and private users around the world, we are confident that these improvements will appeal to our multilingual audience.

Learn how to share and embed your publication in a few simple steps with our video tutorial with Spanish subtitles below! ⬇️️

You can access all our newly updated online video content with subtitles in up to 7 different languages via our YouTube Channel and our Facebook video library.

How to turn subtitles on

To activate the subtitles on YouTube, simply click on the “Subtitles” (closed caption) icon in the menu bar below the video. Then click on “Settings” to select your language of choice.

You can adjust the default style and size of the subtitles by selecting “Options” in the Subtitles menu.

💡 Note: These will be your default caption format settings until you change them again or click Reset to go back to the default captions format.

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