Back to School with Calaméo!

Here at Calaméo, we love this time of the year. Back-to-school doesn’t just mean freshly sharpened pencils and new calculators—it’s also the perfect occasion to talk about education and digital publishing. Today’s students are digital natives and educators are studying up on ways to bring technology into the classroom effectively.

In this post, we’ll discuss how digital publishing offers smart solutions for teachers and students alike.

Enriched Teaching Materials

As the old-fashioned overhead projector disappears from modern classrooms, new technologies allow teachers to use the full potential of digital media in their lessons. Teachers can accompany their lectures with visual materials enhanced with audio and video resources to make lessons come alive. Science teachers might include video clips in a presentation to illustrate experiments in physics or biology, while language teachers might want to include pronunciation exercises or songs for listening practice.

Whichever type of media you wish to incorporate into your teaching materials, Calaméo makes it easy. You can simply upload your file to our platform, then use our Editor tool to add external links, audio and video clips anywhere you like. Our Platinum plan even lets you choose to have tracks from Soundcloud, as well as video from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion play directly in your documents.

💡TIP: Need to make a little last-minute change to today’s lesson? Updating a publication is painless with Calaméo. Uploading your document’s revised version takes just seconds and its URL stays the same.

Worry-Free Sharing

Students today are just as likely to turn in presentations made with Powerpoint and PDFs for homework as they are to make a poster board. Digital publishing technology provides a great tool for students to upload and share their work. Our conversion technology accepts not just PDFs, but also Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files—perfect for just about any project.

When the time comes to show off that project to the class, Calaméo has it covered. Documents can be published privately and accessed by private URL, so students never have to stress about losing their USB keys or forgetting passwords. Plus, our state-of-the-art publication viewer ensures that files load quickly and cleanly every time.

Professional Features

One of the most important advantages that educators can gain from digital publishing is information about their audience. What teacher hasn’t wondered when exactly her students are looking at the study guide she prepared: two weeks or two hours before the big test? Or which pages of that study guide have been most consulted by her students?

Teachers can benefit from Calaméo’s readership statistics to evaluate their materials. As a Premium or Platinum subscriber, you can enjoy in-depth statistics and a host of other professional features. Our Premium and Platinum plans enable you to authorize downloading and printing for your documents, add user profiles tailor-made for teamwork to your account and even control individual access to your private publications with subscriber lists.

Pop Quiz

Q: What have we learned today?

A: Digital publishing with Calaméo is a bright idea for students and teachers as they head back to school this fall!

If you already use Calaméo in the classroom, we’d love to hear from you. Do you have tips for other educators? Tag us on Twitter @calaméo.