Content marketing: using digital publishing to your advantage


As the digital world continues to evolve, businesses are finding new ways to take advantage of the opportunities it offers. A strong trend that has been building in recent years is digital content marketing.

The idea behind this trend is simple but powerful: when businesses offer insight, information or inspiration related to their industry online, they can attract the attention of users interested to learn more. By providing value to readers, you can boost awareness, grow your audience and encourage sales.

In this article, we will explain why digital publishing is a natural fit for content marketing, and five ways Calaméo can help implement your strategy.

Publish a digital magazine

A great magazine is a classic format for capturing readers’ attention and can be a useful part of your content marketing strategy. Build articles and visuals around your industry or your product to entertain and inspire potential customers. For example, Callaway teamed up with Whalebone magazine to produce a special issue focused on all things golf:

Publishing digitally with Calaméo makes the magazine accessible for golf fans all over the world to browse online.

Include links to your site

Creating connections between your content and your business is a key element of successful content marketing. It couldn’t be simpler with digital publishing—just add links to your website! External links provide readers a seamless transition between enjoying your publication and visiting your business’s site.

💡TIP: Our advanced statistics can help you track which publications drive the most traffic to your site.

Offer a bonus

Everyone loves getting something extra—so why not offer your audience bonus content when they visit your site? Whether it’s a recipe collection or a look at company culture, digital publishing allows your standalone content to shine as an interactive flipbook with professional polish. Plus, in just a few clicks you can embed your publication on your blog or website for your readers to discover.

Share a printable

Printable templates are a favorite for content marketers in every industry. Take relevant information, format it so that your audience can print and use as they like, then publish! The example below shows a printable from Shambhala Publications’ book, Real Life Rules:

Our PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans allow you to enable printing so that your readers can print directly from the viewer.

💡TIP: Pinterest is a perfect place to share your ditigally published printables. Check out our post on Pinterest for digital publishers for tips to get started!

Generate leads

White papers, reports and guides can help establish your business’s knowledge and authority in your field. The Race Director’s Guide to Digital Marketing is a great example from Big Run Media:

This type of publication can also be an effective way to develop a subscriber base or generate leads. Consider asking for your readers’ email address in exchange for downloading your publication and be sure to include a “Contact us” button.

There are plenty of smart strategies for using content marketing with digital publishing to grow your business. No matter how you want to reach your audience, our solution provides the features you need to share your expertise.

Are you interested in testing the full range of our professional features? Get in touch to request your free 14-day PLATINUM Demo!

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