Introducing the #CalameoCoversClub!


Ever since we joined the social media universe back in 2008, we’ve loved seeing all of the publications our users have shared. You’ve tweeted us @calameo, chatted with us on Facebook, showed us your best on Instagram and curated with us on Pinterest.

Today we are announcing a whole new way for our users to share their publications with us—and with the millions of readers who visit our platform.

That’s right, from now on every publisher on Calaméo can nominate his or her publication to be featured on our homepage!

It’s easy to let us know you’d like your publication to be considered. Just use the hashtag #CalameoCoversClub when you share your publication on Twitter or Instagram!

Our Content Management Team reviews all of the publications posted with the #CalameoCoversClub hashtag and chooses their favorites to appear on the Calaméo homepage. While all selections are up to the Content Management Team, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Belonging to the #CalameoCoversClub means having a striking cover! Beautiful photography, bold colors and eye-catching graphics on the cover can help your publication stand out.
  • We love seeing our users’ creativity with digital publishing. If your publication makes great use of Calaméo’s features, it may be a good candidate for the #CalameoCoversClub.
  • Readers from all over the world visit Calaméo and our platform is available in seven languages. Try using the #CalameoCoversClub hashtag with your publications that would benefit from the widest possible audience!
  • Private publications are not eligible for consideration.

We can’t wait to see which of your publications will be part of the #CalameoCoversClub this year!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram so you can keep up with all of the #CalameoCoversClub entries and see which publications are chosen for the homepage!

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