Calaméo’s Top Covers of 2018!

To celebrate the launch of our new #CalameoCoversClub, we’re taking a look back of some of the best covers featured on our homepage in 2018.

A standout cover is only part of what makes a great publication, so we’ll run down our favorite digital publishing details inside.

Read on to learn why we loved these publications!


After holiday indulgence, the bright and healthy soup on the cover of Superfood offered visitors a fresh start for January. Vivid colors, high-quality photography and the timely subject made this one of our favorite publications of the year. Superfood also looks terrific embedded and ready to read on its own website!

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It’s no surprise that a digital art publication would have a visually striking cover. But what caught our eye about this issue of Art Africa in particular was the amazing, digitally created image—a perfect match for digital publishing.


The Royal Wedding was one of the biggest stories of 2018 and Where London covered the event in a beautiful special issue. Its cover highlights Harry and Meghan in close-up, keeping the text and other design elements to a minimum and letting the royal couple shine. The monochrome photo accented with splashes of gold also helps this publication stand out.


The cheerful, beachy cover of this Bergère de France catalog lets visitors know exactly what they will find inside: handmade summer clothes! The publication takes advantage of external links to so that readers can shop the featured patterns and yarns on Bergère de France’s website. Link labels specify the exact reference of every item and make shopping even easier.


We couldn’t resist the cover stars of the 2018 edition of RM—a pair of adorable baby bear cubs! This magazine for travelers on the Rocky Mountaineer train routes in western Canada is full of practical information, stunning photography and feature reporting. With direct downloads enabled thanks to our Platinum plan, readers can take the publication with them no matter where their adventures lead them.

Now that we’ve shown off a few of our most inspiring covers of 2018, we want to see what you’re creating in 2019! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CalameoCoversClub when you share your publications on Twitter and Instagram for the chance to be featured on our homepage.

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