4 Easy Steps to Boost Your Click-Through Rate!

The ability to include external links is a key feature of digital publishing and for many publishers, increasing the number of readers who click on their links is an important goal. Links clicked in an online catalog, for example, may contribute to higher sales in an online store. Click-through rate (CTR) is a common way to measure how many clicks a link has received and shows which percent of all viewers clicked that link.

In this article, we will reveal four quick steps that you can take today to improve CTR for your digital publications.

Start Linking

The first step to boosting your CTR couldn’t be simpler: add external links to your publications! You can insert links with our easy-to-use Editor once your document has been uploaded to Calaméo. If you prefer to include links in your original document, be sure that you format them correctly and they will be automatically converted in your publication.

Consider Mobile

Did you know that over 50% of Internet users worldwide browse on their mobile devices? This trend makes checking the look of your links on mobile essential. Thanks to our HTML5 viewer, your publications on Calaméo always display perfectly on mobile and tablet devices.

But since your external links will stay right where you put them, it’s a good idea to open your publication on your phone and test clicking. You may want to adjust the size of your links or experiment with custom link colors and behaviors to optimize them for mobile.

Include a CTA

Now that your readers can see all of your links as they page through your publication, it’s time to tell them why they should click. That’s where the “Call to Action” (CTA) comes in! A good CTA will briefly give your audience an idea of what they’ll be doing once they click your link. To add a CTA to an external link on Calaméo, open your publication in the Calaméo Editor, select the link icon and type the CTA in the “Label” field.

The example above shows a strong CTA for a link to more information about an event or activity mentioned in your publication. Readers will know that by following the link, they can register for the event they’re interested in.

Analyze What Works

Understanding which of your external links have the highest click-through rate can offer valuable lessons. Is there a particular CTA that performs better than the rest? Perhaps links placed on a specific page or even on a certain spot receive more clicks than others. With the advanced statistics of our Platinum plan, you enjoy access to a detailed breakdown of link clicks for each of your publications.

See the number of clicks on every link, including audio and video elements—plus, the CTR is calculated for you automatically.

Equipped with these quick tips, you should in great shape to optimize your external links and boost CTR for your publications on Calaméo. Want to go even further to drive traffic to your website? Check out our post on 5 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic with Calaméo!


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