Time to be creative: Viewer Skins

It’s time for some inspiration. With our powerful interactive viewer, you can give your publications the edge.

Having a personalised Skin allows you to add another element to your publications – whether to highlight the theme, create a context or setting, to incorporate your company image and branding, or to just simply show off your creative skills!

Here are a few different examples of how you can customise our viewer to enhance your publications…

1. Create a Skin that compliments your publications.
2. Add your company logo, and link it to your website.
3. Browse through publications with the page line.

Voyages FAYARD - Brochure Printemps / Été 2015

4. Give your publication Skin your brand image.


5. Design your own personalised icons, and remove any you don’t want.

Media Kit 2013

How will you personalise your viewer? It’s your turn to show us what you can do to personalise your publications!

To learn how to create and personalise your own viewer Skin, we have set out all the information you need here.


(… And maybe next time we’ll be featuring your publications in our blog, on our website or on our social networks!)



Here to help.

Not only have we been busy bees re-launching our blog, but we’d also like to announce another project we’ve had up our sleeves – the re-design of our Help Center (go on, have a look for yourself). We’ve been working hard to give you a more accessible and informative Help Center which we hope will provide you with all the information you need to make the most of Calaméo.

We’ve made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for, and added a lot of additional content to cover all aspects of the platform. If you think we’ve missed something, or you’d just like to tell us what you think, drop us a line. Our Support team are here to talk.


Extra-excitingly, our new Help Center is also multi-language. We have, for now, created an English and a French version, ooh la la. Watch this space for further updates…


Publishing’s latest craze

Adult colouring books have taken off in a big way, as an unexpected new development in the publishing world, topping best-seller lists around the world.


Why? It’s a recognised stress-buster. Just as children quietly while away the hours absorbed by the simple activity, adults are now also finding the therapeutic benefits of colouring-in books.

The resurgence of colouring books started here in France, quickly gaining popularity across Europe and overseas, with sales now soaring in the US. Sales rocketed as news spread of their meditative effects – being marketed as a tension-relieving exercise and a novel way to unwind in our fast-paced, modern society.



A particularly popular form of colouring is the mandala. The term derives from Sanskrit, and means ‘circle’. Mandalas represent creation and life; a symbol of the totality of the universe. It is probably the most contemplative form of the new colouring craze, requiring deep concentration and allowing for inner reflection.


For the artistically challenged among us, these books also provide an easy way to exercise your creative side – therefore being an attractive activity accessible to all.

Take a look at our selection of colouring books on Calaméo:


Long time, no see!

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ciao, Hallo, Olà! It’s been a while… but we are back, with a brand new shiny blog! We hope you like it.

We want to keep you up to date with what’s going on at Calaméo, give you tips for enhancing your publications and growing your online readership, and share some of the most inspiring and creative content published by Calaméo users.

Our posts are therefore organised into four categories for you to browse our blog by (you will find these under MENU at the top right of the page):

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Have a look around, and stay tuned for exciting content coming soon…



What does French publishing house, Glénat, think of our new viewer?

As you already know, our new Beta viewer was released last June!

Amongst our privileged Beta users, we’d like to introduce you to Damien Bonis, Technical Manager at Glénat. This French publishing house has been relying on Calaméo for more than two years to promote their latest publications online. Here is what they have to say about their experience with our solution:

“We’ve been using Calaméo since November 2010 with a BASIC account – and decided to upgrade to PLATINUM in July 2011. We first found out about Calaméo when looking for ways to share our latest extracts with journalists. We had a look at different flipbook solutions available at the time and chose Calaméo… I think it was a post on your blog that got me convinced!

“Since then, we’ve been sending newsletters to critics with private URLs. This way they can check out our coming releases directly online.

“We also feature a few public extracts on our platform for our readers and we even share private publications protected by a login and password with our legal department.

“We really love the new printing feature in the Beta viewer. Our readers can now print the whole-document instead of just the page they are currently reading! We also appreciate the Google Analytics integration and the new basic skin with its semi-transparent menu.

“But, frankly, we already found the previous viewer pretty awesome…”

We thank all our Beta testers for their most insightful feedback.


Dominic Turnbull Tells Us How He Uses Calaméo To Create Unique Publications

Today, we’ve decided to introduce you to Dominic Turnbull. He’s been using our tool for over a year now and has created very interesting publications destined to his professional contacts.

Dominic smartly uses our platform to promote and share the activities of the index provider EPRA. But let him present his view of Calaméo with his own words:

“Having tried various viewer tools and found that either their support team was unresponsive, or their claims about there being no branding untrue, Calaméo has met our needs very well. One year in, and we’ve not yet explored all the possibilities. Ironically, I came across the tool on a competitor’s forum as everyone generally grumbled and suggested alternative effective viewing options out there.

“We need to add rich content to our magazine/publications… but also it’s useful to have an alternative method of downloading PDF files if for any reason our server/network crashes. Of course this means some duplication in that you need to upload the file twice – but anyway we tend to generate a viewer version and a print/PDF version. The flash is especially good (small flash files only of course) as they need far less buffering and don’t come parceled up with video browser branding. This is early days, and there are various function which would be extremely useful for an index provider such as EPRA.”

When we asked him what his favorite feature is, Dominic answers that “having the ability to add ‘rich’ content to a fixed .pdf is great – of course it needs to be done tactfully rather than just dumping in clips, etc. They can be distracting for the reader and sound isn’t always appreciated. But generally, my view is that a small flash can bring a page to life and hugely adds to the experience. Most people may prefer paper print, but this is a great way of adding value to the online versions. In the end it all comes down to content for us.”

His Flash animations are a great addition to their publications, as they represent a very creative way to illustrate articles. Check out his EPRA issues to get a better view on this unique feature.



How 241 Media Uses Calaméo to Promote Their Magazines

David Faulds, Managing Director at 241 Media Limited, and his team have now been using our platform for over a year to promote their clients’ work. They publish many amazing magazines, including one about soccer and another famous one about clubbing. Both display video and sound to illustrate their colourful articles.


Thanks to David’s Platinum account, he enhances his publications with YouTube videos inserted directly into his publications.

“We have been publishing magazines for 20 years and have been exploring other platforms before reaching the conclusion the Calaméo works best for our needs.”

David actually discovered our service 18 months ago on Facebook. “One of the other magazines posted a mini Calaméo link and that stood out. Calaméo gives the publisher strong marketing assets so you can increase the size of your audience. So far we have achieved over 5.2 million views on Calaméo.

We integrate the magazines into our sites so that the core audience can read the publication easily enough. Key sites for this are Tilllate, the leading clubbing website in Europe and also Celticquicknews, which is a football site for Glasgow Celtic. We have also created property, solar energy, fashion, jewellery retail and educational magazines using Calaméo in the past year or so with many more in the pipeline.

“We also use Calaméo – set to private – to build magazines so that our team, who are based around the UK and internationally, can check in on the progress and get an idea of how the project is developing.

“As stated earlier Calaméo is excellent for promotion via Facebook, although changes on the social media site have restricted the benefits somewhat recently!

“We also take full advantage of the option to personalise the magazine using background images, links and videos and this really adds to the reader’s enjoyment of our magazines.”

You can have a look at his publications… Lots of good ideas to pick up on how to personalize each issue, including its background and its multimedia additions!