Mobile matters: Digital publishing in the smartphone era


The smartphone turns ten this year and in just a decade it has had an enormous impact on everything from banking to ordering takeout. Digital publishing is no exception. Now more than ever, making sure your content looks great, works perfectly and offers maximum appeal on mobile devices is key.

In this post, we’ll discuss why getting it right on mobile matters in today’s digital publishing landscape.

The Mobile Majority

First things first: more people than ever are using their smartphones to go online. That means that if your publications aren’t optimized for mobile display, you risk missing out on a big chunk of your audience’s time and attention. Globally, mobile usage overtook desktop in November 2016 and climbed to 54% of total internet usage by July 2017. Users across the world averaged 86 minutes a day on their phones to access the internet in 2016, compared to 36 minutes on their desktops. Those figures are even higher in the United States: Americans spent 52 minutes a day online on their desktops, and 145 minutes online on their phones.

Responsive Design

By making your publications easy and attractive to view on mobile screens, you can reach readers who prefer to use their screens to browse online. With Calaméo, you never have to worry about how your document will look beyond the desktop. Our powerful technology automatically optimizes your publications for cross-platform viewing. Links always stay right where you put them and your documents keep impeccable image quality on all mobile and tablet devices.

Social Content

Smartphones open up an ideal avenue to bring your digital publications into the social media ecosystem. Mobile users spend a lot of time on apps—fully half the total time that they devote to digital media—and social networking apps play a big part. It has been estimated that the average person is on Facebook for 35 minutes a day and will scroll through 18 entire days on Twitter over the course of his or her lifetime.

It’s essential that sharing your publications is simple for your readers, even on smartphones. The share button on Calaméo’s viewer lets readers post about your publications on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more from their mobile devices in just a few taps.

The next step is to share your own publications on your business’s own social media accounts. Up to 47% of Facebook users access the service exclusively through the mobile app. You can maximize your ability to engage mobile users by embedding your publications in your Facebook page, posts and Twitter feeds, so that readers can easily find and view them on their smartphones.

What’s next

Responsive design and smart sharing allow your digital publications to shine on mobile devices. Go further with the biggest trends in smartphone usage: video content and mobile shopping.

Our PLATINUM plan has everything you need to take full advantage of your content’s mobile potential. Calaméo lets you access detailed statistics that show how many readers clicked your shoppable external links and watched videos embedded in your publications. (Videos from YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion play directly inside your publications with our PLATINUM plan!)

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