How to Optimize Your Documents for Digital Publishing

Here on the blog we regularly cover how using Calaméo can make publishing your documents online easier, faster and smarter. From adding engaging video to creating polished social media posts, you’ll find plenty of ideas for enriching your digital publications and reaching your audience.

But did you know that there are lots of ways to optimize your documents for publication on Calaméo even before uploading your files? In this article, we will reveal five simple steps to get your documents ready to become great digital publications.

Check file type

We’ve explained why digital publishing with Calaméo can help you go beyond the PDF. Our powerful conversion technology doesn’t just handle PDFs, however! You can also upload text files, Word documents, Powerpoints and Excel files directly to Calaméo—plus any of the OpenOffice equivalents. Take a moment to make sure that your document is in one our accepted file formats, then click “Publish now”!

Reduce file size

Working with high-quality images, complex layouts and other data-rich elements means that the size of your file can grow quickly. BASIC and PREMIUM users can convert files of up to 100 MB on Calaméo, which means that reducing your file size before upload may sometimes be necessary. Don’t want to worry about limits? Upgrade to PLATINUM and start publishing with a maximum file size of 500 MB.

Format links

Our easy-to-use Editor is a great tool for transforming your documents into interactive digital publications with GIFs, video, audio and more. If you have external links to include in your publication, you can also take advantage of our automatic link detection! All you need to do is add the site URL in a clickable zone on your PDF. Calaméo will automatically place a link in your publication once your file is converted.

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Print to PDF 

When you’ve worked hard to create a beautiful document, you want to be sure every part of it looks impeccable online. To ensure a flawless conversion on our platform, try printing your file to PDF rather than exporting to PDF. (This is an especially good idea for Word documents with images, tables and other layout features, too.) Another perk? Besides preventing display errors, you’ll also reduce your file size by printing to PDF.

Prepare images

Our cutting-edge conversion technology offers vibrant, clear images for publications that are works of art. But for those times that you need an ultra-high resolution, you may want to consider including image files to your publication via our Editor. Just make sure that your file (.JPG or .PNG) is hosted securely online and leave a blank space in your original document where you wish to place the image. Add it in seconds, save and enjoy perfect quality even at the highest levels of zoom!

All Calaméo users can benefit from these quick tips to optimize their documents for conversion on our platform. To make digital publishing even easier, choose our PLATINUM plan and upload files up to 500 MB. Want to test all the other great professional features? Request your free two-week trial today!


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